Sunday, May 23, 2010

I moved !

I moved to a new link . So check me there if you wanna see updates .

Now i announce, this blog is officially dead .

You can either ask me from my cbox or my facebook. ;)

Friday, January 29, 2010



That's my workmate in 5G Gallery.
He looks like Kim Jun Su from 2PM right ?
The picture is a proof. Although, the picture doesn't really look alike,
but when you see him for real you will get what i mean.

Since then, all of us keep calling him Junsu, and guess what finally i have a 'korean'
in my phonebook. Hahahhaha.
Finally, we found the twin brother of Kim Jun Su except for Junho from 2pm.

Now, after he dyed his hair, he looks more like Kim Jun Su !
Wanna meet him ?
Come to 5G Gallery. XD

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Brown Eyed Girls ! :(

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !


Arghhhh ! I wanted to attend their concert in Zouk, Singapore on the 27th February !
Wtf wtf wtf wtf.
They already been to Singapore last December, and now AGAIN !?
Why not KL ?! WHY WHY ?!!?

I told my parents about this, and they say i'm stupid for attending a stupid concert !
I wanna see Ga-in and Narsha !!! Aiya, i wanna see ALL OF THEM !


Ga-in ah, Ga-in ah. :(

The ticket price cost only around RM200++ if i'm not mistaken.
It's only 88 Sing dollar.
Arghhh some of my Ga-In's International Forum friends are going to attend,
because they stayed in Singapore !

Now we are like planning to do some gift or couple gift to give it to Ga-in and Jo Kwon.
For their WGM, virtual couple life.

I wanted to go so badly. :(
Miko is like going to SUJU concert, i pulak wanna go BEG's concert, but i can't ! I CAN'T !

Ga-in ah, saranghae !
손가인, 행운을 빕니다 !
화이팅 !!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

2AM - 죽어도 못 보내 (EP) / Can't Let You Go Even If You Die.

2AM - 죽어도 못 보내 (EP) / Can't Let You Go Even If You Die.

01 Intro
02 죽어도 못 보내
03 웃어 줄 수가 없어서 미안하다
04 I Love You (feat. 백찬, 주희 of 8eight)
05 그녀에게 (feat. 찬성 of 2PM)
06 웃는다 (Outro)

They released their latest album today, on the 21st January 2010.
Check out their teaser .

2AM - 죽어도 못 보내 Teaser.

SeulOng Teaser.

JinWoon Teaser.

Changmin Teaser.

Jokwon Teaser.

Support them by buying their original album.
I'm buying soon ! :D

Friday, January 8, 2010


Woah finally i got a fucking job today ! And yea, tomorrow i'm going to work ! Yay for me ! :D

Okay let's start . Hmmm i went out with dad this morning to IndahWater office to settle his shop stuff. So i went to a cyber cafe nearby . I think i played for around like 14min, he called me and i have to go. -______________-

After that , we went for our breakfast and he dropped me in school.
I went and look for Puan Ng , and again , she's not there. Zzz.
So i went to Chapel and sat there onlining using Puan Florina's computer .
Playing games and so on . Lol . Waited for Ms. Lau to come.

So she came and we chit chatted . And we chit chatted in Cantonese . Hahaha.
And i get to know that, both of them is a fans of . XD
We chit chatted till Ms Lau gotta go for a meeting and Chris came .
So we went off to Parade and try our luck in Sub, but they said it's full.

At last, we went up to Rum and asked and hell yeah we got the job !
Just straight away, don't have to wait for a call and so on . Lol.
After getting a job went to Overkill and chit chatted the whole day with Kelly and Evon too in Dynasty .

After that , i went to look for baby .
Then we walked around searching for present for Alice .
Later on, went to RIGC with Aun, his brother and Chris . Have a snooker game there.
Lol improve alot eh us. =P

After snooker , we went for a Lok-lok session in South.
I got addicted to the meat , thanks to Aun, that i ate alot. WTH.
After that, we went to Greentown for roti pisang and planta. -_________-
I'm getting fatter now . Arghhh.
After that, we went L4D in Inet, even Chris says it's nice . Hohohoho .

Thanks to Aun for fetching me back again .
Hahahha have a nice day with all of them . :)

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Khong's birthday .

First of all, i went for my trials driving test today . Okay it sucks. Lol. I mean i passed but it sucks. Hahahhaha.
After driving, went back and of course had my sweet nap . Hmmm. :)

I love sleeping. <3

Chia came to my house around 5pm. We planned to go to Parade to look for job and then straight to Khong's birthday party .
I told my mum to tell my dad i will follow him out so he can dropped us in Parade.
But when i woke up , my dad went out already . I scolded my mum . Lol . =X

At last we took a cab to Parade, we asked a few shops actually. Lol but still we don't have any response till now. Sighs. =/
So we walked around and spend our time talking to Lipas in Converse. Lol.
We bought a present for Khong and Keiyan came and fetch us.
I'm like her assistant for that night . Lol .

We went to Moven Peak and there they came .
Me and Chia ate ala carte cause we don't have enough money to steamboat with them. =/
A lot of laughter there because of me and Zhenyan. Hahahhaha.

I don't have the pictures with me so yea, no pictures for this post.

Happy Sweet Seventeen Khong !
Bet you have a sweet memories that night ! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ah Bui's Birthday BBQ Party .

Went to school around 11pm. Planned with Chris and Sherry to reach at 10.30am eventhough i reach at 11 they still haven't reach. -______________-
I have to talk to the guard there for like almost half an hour and guess what we talked about ?
Disgusting stuff that i never ever heard before . Eww .

She talked about that accident happened during Boxing Day, that double decker bus at the highway near Ipoh. She said that she went there and have a look once she heard that there's an accident . She said that metal along the highway cut through a human heads and body until the intestine came out and so on.
She even said she almost stepped on the brain . -_________________-

Okay fine stop here i feel like vomiting thinking and imagining about this .
She told me alot of grandma stories but others i think it was abit over and ridiculous.
Hmmm finally that bitch Chris had arrived .

We went in the school and the first teacher we saw is Puan Chan !
Lol okay cut the craps we went walking in the school finding for our class teacher to get our leaving school cert and we can't find her fyi .
Everyone was like looking at us from their class as if we are some sort of aliens walking pass. Zzz.

Okay we met up with Sherry and Munirah and we went walking around again .
I miss school seriously and yes i miss homeworks too i dont know why.
At least i have something to do unlike now, i sit at home waiting to get a call from them (the boss of the shop i asked for.) but i got nothing.

After school, we went off to Parade and i met up with Miko and Christina.
We went and asked for job in Parade . We tried our luck in Beyond and guess what they called Miko twice but me NONE !
After that we took a cab to Jusco with Jess too for L4D lah what else. :D

We took the package - 3h for RM5.
Finally, we finished the whole map for l4d2. Hmmmm. :)
We asked for a versus from a group of guys playing l4d2 there . They accepted and we went on playing.
And guess what , we win ! :D

After that i met up with Chris, Aun, Sherry, Mun and Johann .
We spend our time there at the rooftop . Taking pictures and talking nonsense .
After that , went to MCD to look for Jess and Miko and Christina.
Bumped into Elaine and guess what she said i look taller dy. Hahahhahahha wtf i'm so happy right now. XD

After that, Aun fetched us back to Chris's house . Then i helped her to fix her stupid computer. Lag like hell . But at last , tak jadi cause the connection stopped .
We played Halo, her brother's XBOX.
After that , we went to Ah Bui's house and wow her house was like so packed .
Hahahha macam kahwin la .

We makan makan makan. Non stop makan. Lol.
After makan, Aun, Chris and I went to Infi for snooker .
But too bad, it's full so we went off to another snooker center.
We played like a noob . Hahahha.
After that they fetched me back and came down for awhile to look at my hamster.
And ooopss they went back . Hahaha.

I was like driving Aun's car and he's like keep shouting until he almost got an heartattack. -___-